About Nneka Dolls & Other Things

 FOUNDER'S STORY: Every business idea begins with solving a common problem. And for me, it all started with my daughter, Nneka.
My then 5-year old was obsessed with dolls and at her age, playtime was everything so I wanted to make sure that she would see herself in the dolls that she played with, in order to reinforce her self love and self-esteem.
I believe that we, as a society, are responsible for the well-being of our children and this translates in the way they view themselves. We need more doll selections representing all ethnicities so our girls can pick the ones that look like them. 


What is “& Other Things”? Being originally from Benin, Africa has always been very close to my heart. I have always felt the need to bring authentic African products to the Western World. I want Nneka Dolls & Other Things ("NDOT") to offer not only black and brown dolls for children, but also authentic handmade African products; from Bath & Body to Art, Jewelry & anything else in between!

Mahunan Coralie Aholoukpe, Founder.