About the collection

"Encouraging diversity and representation through playtime with brown skin colored dolls in fashionable, handmade African-print clothing and accessories."
At Nneka Dolls & Other Things we believe that children should play with dolls that not only mirror their skintone and hair textures, but also represent the diversity in our world. At the moment we offer one doll type named "Nubia". Nubia is styled in 5 different fashionable, dresses and occasion wear, made from authentic African-print fabric. To switch up her style, we offer extra clothes and accessories, so your child can dress up Nubia in a playful way and at the same time build a special relationship with her doll. 
Besides fashionable dolls for children, we also offer a variety of other authentic African products: Hence, "& Other Things" . These products run from Bath & Body accessories to Art, Jewelry and Home Décor.  We are proud to say that all products are HANDMADE IN AFRICA! 


Nubia Brown Doll - Afro Hair